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Dr Shadez Your Ulimate Sunblock Solution
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Product Feature

We made shades for your car

With custom-designed shades to suit a wide array of different vehicle manufacturers and models, we provide our customers with the perfect fit for their specific vehicle. Designed to be snug and highly effective, every one of our Dr Shadez sunshades is cut to size for a 99% fitment.

Keep glare and UV rays at bay

Aussie summers are hotter than most – and with potent UV rays, there’s even more of a need for high-quality sunshades. Fine holes in all of our sunshades keep the sun away, significantly reducing glare and allowing you to enjoy the ride, regardless of what the weather's like outside.

Perfect privacy

Standard window tint doesn't give the level of privacy you're looking for. Our magnetic sunshades keep the outside world from looking in. So not only are your loved ones protected, but your valuables are safe too. You can even wind down your window and enjoy the breeze with no chance of anyone getting a look in.

Comfortable driving makes for a happy family

Glaring sunlight and heated interiors can quickly make a fun family drive into a drag. Treating yourself to high-quality sunshades from Dr Shadez makes every journey cooler and easier. Whether you're off on a long road trip or you're just planning to travel to the next town over, our sunshades make getting there a far more manageable experience.

High-quality, reliable design

We only utilise the finest materials in our sunshades, with premium metal that's designed to maintain its shape and provide consistent reliability for years to come. With each frame customised to the exact fit of your specific car, one sunshade can last you for many years with minimal wear and tear over time.

Damage-free magnets stay in place all day

By using premium magnets over other fixtures, you can keep sunshades in place all day long with no fuss. So whether you want the windows open or closed, you want to take your shade off or keep them in place, Dr Shadez makes it easy. We use premium materials, so you get premium results.



About us

For the average Aussie family, being able to provide protection from the sun on the road is essential.
Harsh sunlight and damaging summers can be harmful to everyone – and no one wants to get sunburnt before they even reach the beach. That’s where the concept for Dr Shadez comes from.

Our car shades are designed to protect every member of your family from the sunshine year-round.
Designed with quality and functionality in mind, we help to keep your family safe so you can focus on the more important things.

Dr Shadez was founded in 2015 in Singapore, as a powerful and effective way to provide shade to children and babies in the car. While many manufacturers offer factory-fitted solar film, these less effective methods only give a 30% reduction of UV rays. Unless you opt for illegal blackouts, there isn’t enough protection out there to keep your little ones safe.

Why do families choose Dr Shadez? With global usage in the United States, Europe, Japan and Singapore, Dr Shadez is already tried and tested.

We’re the leading sunblock solution for both effectiveness and safety, and our product lines are even used for commercial and industrial purposes globally. The Dr Shadez seal of approval.

Since our launch, Dr Shadez continues to innovate and develop new technology to beat the heat. So if you’re looking for incredible protection from UV rays, Dr Shadez is the top choice on the market today for every Australian. What better way to keep your family safe from the harmful sun, than a vehicle fitted with Dr Shadez?

Want to know what’s coming up next? We’re constantly innovating and developing new technology, so why not stay tuned with what’s on its way by following Dr Shadez on social media.

Dr Shadez is a unique product that provides incredible protection without ever sacrificing your ability to drive safely. With 70% UV protection, we ensure your children are safe and sound in your vehicle even amid a heatwave. In addition, magnetic fixtures help shades stay in place while keeping little fingers away for longevity and ease of use. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we know that our shades are the perfect match for Aussie families across every state and territory.
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Dr Shadez | Your Car Ultimate Sunblock Solution Next to Solar Film – Dr. Shadez

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